Recording Studio Pics!

On September 2016, I traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to record my first 2 EP’s.  It was a beautiful experience and a very personal one.  Guadalajara is the largest city in the Mexican state of Jalisco.  It is also Mexico’s second largest city, and the place where I went to college.  I spent 3 years there, completed 6 semesters of classical singing and various music theory courses, but ended up falling short of getting my degree due to unexpected personal reasons.

This was 9 years ago, and through all this time I’d been feeling a sense of incompleteness surrounding my time spent in that wonderful place.  I hate the idea of not finishing things I start.  I suppose a part of me was being evasive about it, because I hadn’t been back in Guadalajara in about 7 years.  You know how sometimes you get these annoying little “what if’s”?  “What if I had finished?  What if I had stayed?  What if I hadn’t left my rock band in 2007?  Where would I be now?” Well, wondering what if this, what if that, never led me anywhere positive.  So when I was planning my album recording, I got tired of wondering “what if” and decided to come full circle with Guadalajara.

After speaking to some friends, I decided to book time at Suite 21 Studios, owned and run by Rube Gomez in Zapopan.  I contacted wonderful musician friends – drummer Cachi Zazueta, bassist Eliud Ernandes, guitarrist Gus Larroyo, percussionist and composer Baloo Rayas,  trumpetist Jose Luis Alemán, trombonist Hugo Ayanegui, bass singer Emmanuel Gallardo and baritone Eder Gallardo- and arranged to work with them.  Off I went to Mexico!  The project was very fast-paced and recordings for both EP’s were completed in 14 days.  I took care of lead vocals, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, while my friends worked their magic on their instruments.

Once we were done recording and selecting takes, I came back to New York feeling not only vindicated but also realizing how much I’d grown over the past 9 years.  I felt accomplished, with a fresh breath of my new adult life, and well on my way to releasing my first solo work.  I am currently working on editing the mixes with Rube, after which will come mastering, album art, and finally my EP release and tour.  I’ll be posting about these phases, but for now, I wanted to share some behind the scenes studio pictures with you.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.   Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Until next time!

Rube, Cachi, and I
Cachi Zazueta tracking drums
Cachi tracks drums while I listen from control room
Eliud and I
Eliud Ernandes tracking bass
Eliud Ernandes – Electric Bass
Tracking acoustic guitars
Tracking acoustic guitars
Tracking electric guitars
Baloo Rayas on congas, tambourine, maracas, timbales
Live video shooting in the vocal booth
Hugo Ayanegui on trombone, Jose Luis Aleman on trumpet
Gus Larroyo on electric guitar
Eder Gallardo – baritone vocals
Emmanuel Gallardo – bass vocals


Eder, Emmanuel and I 
Taking a close final listen 🙂

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